Chapter 22 How Consciousness “Dies”

Chapter 22

How Consciousness “Dies”

How Consciousness Grows; How it “Dies”: Reality, and Oblivion

“But my story is about what it was like when I was alone, and of course when I was alone there was none of the Matter you see now. Well, there was other matter, which likewise was subject to entropy, but that did not ‘exist’ in the sense matter does now – but that comes later in My story. The point is that for the purpose of My story, matter was not a factor. There was only My Consciousness. Continue reading “Chapter 22 How Consciousness “Dies””

Chapter 6 God won’t drag you into Heaven

Chapter 6

God will not crush Wills

“You have asked about the Barriers. Yes, they are connected with the wills of your prodigal brothers. You know they don’t prevent communication. Your sad brothers never stop pushing Me away, so I can never spare them from the natural consequences. And I have made a barrier that prevents you from shielding them from those consequences. Continue reading “Chapter 6 God won’t drag you into Heaven”