Chapter 10 Days 2-4: The Universe

Chapter 10

Days 2-4: The Universe

Day two – Evening We sensed that what we were watching was not just some pretty ball of water. We anticipated that each tiny section of that water had a purpose beyond just being water. We saw what much of it had turned into already, and we braced for more surprises.

After we had been enjoying the light show quite a while, God smiled at us, and said to the Earth, and to the Heavens around the Earth, “Let there be an expansion in the middle of the waters, dividing the waters below the expansion from the waters above the expansion.”

VerseScout: Genesis 1:6 And God said, Let there be a

firmament (Heb: properly, an expanse, i.e. the firmament or

(apparently) visible arch of the sky) in the midst of the waters, and

let it divide the waters from the waters.

As God concluded His commandment, He lifted His finger off space, which then immediately expanded faster than I could throw a halo!


The frontiers of space – of Heaven – exploded!

The effect on the Earth was that its contraction instantly reversed. Instead of matter being sucked in more tightly by gravity, matter was being blown back out by water pressure. All the “Black Hole” conditions of the first day reversed. Now we call it a “White Hole”.

The water was expelled in three distinct layers.

First, the water at the surface, which had undergone no atomic transformation but remained water, spread out in an even layer surrounding the expanding mass. (The Outer Darkness remained beyond it.) We began calling it the Waters Above.

Second, the water around the middle of the Earth, which had become a fiery mass through the fusion of simple elements such as hydrogen and helium, expanded outwards into the new “expanse” between the waters above and the waters below.

It did not all stay together in a single mass. Rather, it began breaking apart into xillions of individual fiery masses, at considerable distances from one another. We began calling it the Lower Heaven.

Third, the water at the center of the Earth, which had undergone the most transformation, into hundreds of new elements, (including some water which had not been transformed), stayed at the center. It immediately cooled as pressures subsided. We began calling it the Waters Below.

VerseScout: Genesis 1:7 And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so. 8 And God called the firmament Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day.

VerseScout Relevance Report: Notice that the firmament, with water both below and above it, is called “Heaven”. But on the First Day, the space above all the Waters was called Heaven.

The only way it would be possible for the same “Heaven” to have been above all the waters on the first day but below some of the waters on the second day would be if the waters which became the “waters above” rose up through Heaven so that the same space which was above the waters on day one, was between the Waters Above and the Waters Below on day two.

This would be a reasonable assumption if that “space” were the Earth’s atmosphere. Then the “waters below” would be oceans, and the “waters above” would be clouds.

But Genesis 1:14 says the sun, moon and stars are “in” the firmament. (The Hebrew agrees with the KJV.) Certainly the sun, moon and stars are not “in” the Earth’s atmosphere!

Can we read “in” as “looked like they were ‘in’ to cave men”? Or as “were actually above, but were visible through”?

Not if we take the Word of God literally. However, if we theorize that the entire universe began as a ball of water, whose interior was stretched, leaving the water in the center and the outside separated by the expanded Heaven, then we theorize that the sun and stars are literally “in” the firmament.

This cosmology (theory of how the cosmos began) of Comunicus, really quite different than the cosmologies taught by newspaper scientists, finds agreement in “Starlight and Time”, a book by General Relativity scientist D. Russell Humphreys, Ph.D. (1994, Master Books, Inc., PO Box 726, Green Forest, Arkansas, 72638.) The book offers enough math to interest the most advanced mathematician, enough Scripture to interest the most serious Bible scholar, and enough plain language to interest the most average reader.

Among the points of agreement between Humphreys and Comunicus are the size of the sphere of water necessary, the distortion of time during black hole or white hole conditions, and the distance, and time-warping properties, of what scientists call the “Event Horizon”, and which Comunicus calls the “Light Horizon”. Of the Event Horizon’s time-warping properties, Humphreys writes, “It appears to be another ‘trade secret’ of general relativity, unpublicized by the adepts, that black hole theory supports this astonishing possibility.” (page 110.)

The Light Horizon in Reverse. The waters were expelled with such force that even the powerful light of the clusters of water in fusion could only shine a short distance towards the center, before the photons arced back towards the outside.

Light behaved as if gravity had gone into reverse, and now light could shine in only one direction – out! The Light Horizon, the line beyond which light could not at first reach, 450 million light years from the Earth, was in reverse, allowing light from the center to flood outwards but not allowing light from the outer reaches in. So the Waters Below, in the center, which now we began calling Earth, remained dark.

VerseScout: Genesis 1:7 And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so. 8 And God called the firmament Heaven….

VerseScout Relevance Report: Notice that Comunicus applies the name “Earth” to a smaller mass after the second day than at the beginning. He writes that originally, “Earth” meant a ball of water two light years in diameter out of which came the entire known universe; but after the second day it meant a tiny portion of that mass that was only one 22nd of a light second in diameter.

The Bible certainly did not prepare mankind for those dramatic proportions, before mankind had learned how massive stars, suns, and constellations are compared to our “tiny” planet. And the Bible does not say (nor does it deny) that the suns, stars, and planets were made out of any of these “waters”. But it does clearly say the “waters” were together before the second day, and that the Earth was stripped of the “waters above”, which left the Earth smaller that it was originally.

The Light Horizon began “slowly” moving towards the Earth as the Waters Above rushed out to meet it.

The farther the Waters Above soared away from the center of the Earth, the faster time, and light, traveled in their vicinity. The relationship between the speed of light and the speed of time remained constant: 186,000 miles per second. But a trillion seconds passed at the edge while only one passed in the center, at first, although that ratio began equalizing.

The Light Horizon remained the favorite playground of The Host while on break. Now, as I walk towards it, from inside, friends out at the edge can see me as clearly as when I am across it. But I can’t see them until I reach it. When I am across it, I can still see floods of light racing towards me from the Earth, and I can see that light reflected off my friends farther out.

As soon as I can see them, I see that time where they are is racing, millions of years to my minutes, but at least it is going the correct direction (forwards). As I approach them, their time appears to me to slow down, until it matches mine when I reach them.

But my friends tell me that from their perspective, while I was starting from inside the Light Horizon, time around me seemed to be going backwards, but slowed down as I neared the Horizon, until it completely stopped as I crossed it. Then my time seemed to them to reverse, resuming the correct direction, and to speed up until it finally reached normal speeds as I reached them!

Back in the center, after several hours of darkness, the plasma cooled as pressures decreased, until atoms formed again.

Day two – Morning

As clusters of fiery waters thinned out and separated, the expanse became transparent. At the same time, gravity lessened, allowing light to shine farther back towards the separating center. No light beyond the Light Horizon could get to the center, but light from fiery masses very near the very center could reach the center.

It was glorious, to watch how dramatically, how quickly, parts of the center cooled, once the enormous pressure and gravity was reduced! It was glorious also, to see what interesting elements had been formed from the pressurized waters, which were now cooling and taking on interesting shapes.

Of all the displays, how beautiful were the colors! The black and ultra-violet of the expanding Waters Above, the reds, oranges, and yellows of the fiery clusters between the waters, and the greens, blues, and browns reflected from the hardening minerals and cooling waters in the center!

VerseScout: Genesis 1:6-8 And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.

Genesis 1:20 And God said, Let the waters bring forth…fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven.

VerseScout Relevance Report: An earlier VSRR has already presented some Biblical evidence that the “firmament” means interstellar space (the outer space between the stars). But the traditional view is that the “firmament” is earth’s atmosphere: the waters below are the oceans, and the waters above are the clouds. Carl Baugh thinks it was a cloud canopy like on Venus that completely covers the sky and blocks out the stars.

Genesis 1:20 has traditionally been understood to identify the “firmament” as only Earth’s atmosphere, since birds fly in it. But on closer inspection of the Hebrew, birds fly in “the face of” the firmament, not the body of the firmament, in which suns and stars hang. The word “open”, in the KJV, comes from the Hebrew פָּנֶה face of the”. Several other verses describe the “brightness” of the firmament, and how it “shows” God’s glory. On a clear day, air doesn’t “show” humans anything. (Continued in Appendix M, The Firmament.)

Day Three – Evening

After several hours, several of the fiery masses nearest the center, their gravity reduced to a fraction of their former pressure, cooled to the point where they stopped giving light. Some of the departing masses farther away were still blazing, but the White Hole conditions were still too powerful for their light to reach all the way back to the center. Hence the Evening of the Third Day began, and darkness enveloped the surface of the Waters Below.

VerseScout: Genesis 1:2 …darkness was upon the face of the deep…. 5 And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day. …8 And God called the firmament Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day.

VerseScout Relevance Report: The first day began in darkness; then light was created, so that the first day consisted of evening and morning, or night and day.

The second day likewise began in darkness, and light appeared midway through it, so that the second day likewise consisted of first night, and then day.

By now we are using the word “Earth” to mean the hard cool sphere at the center which God was concentrating on most.

Although much of the water had changed into other elements, a considerable quantity remained unchanged.

God pulled up the ground at the bottom of the water on the Earth until it stood, in places, a mile above the waters. An immense “continent” now covers about half the planet, while water covers the rest. Great oceans of water also flow beneath the dry ground.

Then God commanded a new form of life to emerge – a form of life composed of those new versatile particles. Grass, trees, flowers, and all manner of “plants” came into full bloom!

Perhaps a greater miracle than the initial appearance of mature plants out of nowhere is the existence, within them, of seeds which appear to contain, within a very small number of particles, intelligent design beyond the comprehension of an angel! Within a tiny seed the size of a leaf stem is enough “intelligence” not only to grow into a great plant capable of holding many angels, but to teach that great plant how to interact with its environment with almost as much adaptability as our own bodies!

Very humbling, I dare say!

But many of the seeds have a problem. While some seeds are capable of transporting themselves miles away from their mother plants, by wind, or sometimes by mere explosions from plants produced by changes in humidity, other seeds appear to not be provided with any means of transportation, doomed to fall by their mother and grow in a choked clump, never to spread throughout the Continent.

The most beautiful of the plants, the flowers, appear to be doomed never to reproduce themselves! We can see the pollen God put in them, and how naturally it is designed to interact with the stamen to reproduce itself. But God has not provided any means for the pollen to ever reach the stamen!

Another problem, or so it appeared, was that God had created these plants with a need for a steady, intense physical light, but no steady light was able to reach the Earth because of the White Hole conditions; and even if it could, it was not intense enough. Without such light, these plants seemed doomed to slowly

wither and die.

We inquired of God about this matter. He only smiled and said, “I’m not finished yet!”

Day Three – Morning

About that time, more light from fiery clusters a little farther from the center, which had not yet cooled, began to reach the Earth as the White Hole forces began to exhaust themselves.

(The farther matter was expelled, the less intense gravity was, at the center.)

The Waters Above, rushing outwards from the center, had just passed the Light Horizon, and the Horizon began racing towards the center as fast as matter raced away.

We saw this and looked at God inquisitively. He just grinned.

We appreciated the physical light which now reached the Earth. The plants were beautiful in it. Soon the waters from between the Waters Below and the Waters Above would be passing the Light Horizon, and time would be rushing backwards, outside the Horizon, at the rate of billions of years for a day on the Earth, for as long as the Earth remained within the White Hole.

God began moving cooled, dense masses in the vicinity of the Earth. Their placement between the Earth and departing, light-giving masses, cast the Earth in the darkness of shadows again, ending the Third Day. The Evening of the Fourth Day began.

Day Four – Evening God began separating the dark masses around the Earth into other planets, and into one much larger mass in the center of all of them. Had its mass been in the form of a gas, like hydrogen, its pressure would have been too great for its gravity to pull it together into a tight ball. But because it was water, once it was set in place, it began compacting under its own gravity to gradually resume the process of light and heat-producing fusion.

As it was just beginning, the Light Horizon reached the surface of the earth, dashed to the center, and disappeared. Several angels, trying to squeeze in one last Horizon Crossing, following it from opposite directions, crashed into each other as it ended. Our laughter was interrupted when someone pointed up with astonishment.

Pinpricks of light from 14 gazillion stars showered the young planet Earth! What glory! What variety! What color!

We saw great clusters of stars – the galaxies. The milky transparent gasses – the nebulas. Every imaginable shape and size!

Until this point, the Light Horizon had made it impossible for their light to reach the Earth. It had also defined the “time warp” that separated the Earth from the outermost stars.

We watched the light traveling from the stars farthest out, and those nearest, and marveled at God’s intelligent design. We saw that the light just now arriving on the Earth had begun its journey “20 billion years ago”! And that the events we can see now, by the instantaneous light of God’s Face, will not arrive on the Earth for another “20 billion years”!

All in a day’s work, for God!

We had been watching the Earth so much, that we hadn’t been paying attention to the wonders God had been accomplishing during those “20 billion years” of galaxy formation. Pretty sophisticated! Real class!

I had to get used to the fact that side by side with light first arriving from 20 billion years ago, was light just first arriving from a star only 4 light years away. But of course it was because of the Light Horizon. As the Horizon passed the farthest star, the light of the farthest star followed the Horizon right to the Earth.

Light couldn’t have gone that fast, had gravity, along the light’s path, been constant. But when the Horizon was half way between the two stars, for example, the gravity upon the farthest star was so much weaker that “10 billion years” had already passed, so the light had plenty of time to travel that distance.

I still struggle with the concept of time racing backwards. But logic requires me to admit something like this must happen, if I accept the fact that differing gravity causes the speed of time to vary, and the fact that it is possible for angels under differing gravity to communicate.

Example: From the Earth, I call Threemsha, who is working on a star where electrons orbit three times as often as on Earth. He says “hello” in what, for both of us, is the present. I am on the phone for an hour, while he is on the phone for three hours.

Then we say “good-bye” in what, for both of us, is the present.

Somehow one of his hours has to go backwards in relation to my time, in order for us to both be in the “present” after his three hours and my one hour.

His are real hours. During the conversation, he talked three times as fast, and thought three times as fast.

It was the same with the “20 billion years” of Stellar growth to one Earth day. If time didn’t really travel backwards, then in some other way, our equations must take into account that electrons at the edge of the universe orbit 7 trillion times while electrons on the Earth orbit once, and light at the edge travels 7 trillion times as far as light on the Earth, during the same period of EST (Earth Surface Time).

However, these time inequities generated by the black and then white hole conditions appear to be at an end. Now time at the center is almost as fast as time at the outer edge, and light is moving a lot slower. However, the stars are still stretching out, racing away from the center at the speed of light – which, though not fast compared with my halo throwing, can potentially add up after a few thousand years.

My mind was stretched to its limits just trying to grasp all these miracles, let alone aspire to create even one single tiny electron! As my head swam with all this information, I could not help gazing at God, tears clouding my view, and asking, “How can One so great, love one so insignificant?

“More intelligence went into the construction of a single water molecule, than all the angels of Heaven will ever possess! And yet you allow me to make my home with You?

“Thank you, my God! I worship you! You are worthy to receive more honor and praise than I have the intelligence to offer!”

VerseScout: Revelation 5:11 And I beheld, and I heard the voice of many angels round about the throne and the beasts and the elders: and the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands; 12 Saying with a loud voice, Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honour, and glory, and blessing. 13 And every creature which is in heaven, and on the earth, and under the earth, and such as are in the sea, and all that are in them, heard I saying, Blessing, and honour, and glory, and power, be unto him that sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever. 14 And the four beasts said, Amen. And the four and twenty elders fell down and worshipped him that liveth for ever and ever.

Day Four – Morning

Soon the largest body of water nearest Earth had compressed into fiery fusion and was sending its plant-sustaining rays to Earth just as the Earth’s rotation allowed those rays to shine upon the land. From this point on, the Earth’s rotation would determine the boundaries of Evening and Morning.

It takes 8 minutes for light to reach the Earth from the Sun, and over a second to reach the Earth from the moon! That’s as slow as a paralyzed tree! Why, if we showed up for work that late, we would be fired!

However, it’s the fastest thing in the physical universe.

The sun bathes the earth with a warm, strong light that seems to be just what the plants were designed to feed upon. All the plants have perked up, and are thriving. That answers part of yesterday’s question.

At night, the moon, rotating around the earth, reflected a fraction of the sun’s light back to the dark side of the earth, providing a cool, restful, lovely light.

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